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Clade Low Carbon Heat Pumps

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Clade delivers  CO2 heat pumps for a wide range of commercial uses cases. They have a proven track record of high quality manufacturing. As a company leading the transformation in green heating helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint Unitherm is proud to present these different models of CO2 heat pumps that are available.  


  • Aspen - R290/Propane air source heat pump. It’s ideal for smaller applications up to 200KW. The Aspen is a more affordable, low carbon solution for lower flow temperature but still delivers superb low-carbon heat service with a low GWP refrigerant.
  • Oak - Mid-range CO2 heat pump design. It is suitable for continuous operation and at higher heating capacities for large buildings or processes for example – swimming pools, food production, district heating and factories.
  • Beech - Bespoke designed and manufactured for each project. It can be up to 1.4mW in one unit and encompass air, ground and water source as well as heat reclaim. The Beech is installed as separate evaporators and compressor stations with either glycol or refrigerant connections.
  • Acer - Using CO2 as its refrigerant the 50kW Acer delivers high temperatures, 70 to 80 degrees, and the high performance associated with CO2. It comes in two models – low noise and ultra low noise – and is as close to plug-and-play as a commercial heat pump can get.

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Clade Aspen Data Sheet

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Clade Oak Data Sheet

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Clade Beech Data Sheet

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Clade Acer Data Sheet

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