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High rise apartments

Solutions: Multi Residential Developments / Apartments

With today’s emphasis on sustainability and energy efficiency, several factors can influence the design of heating and DHW systems installed in multi-residential developments. Also, several stakeholders are involved from initial developers, planning authorities, investors, local authorities securing social and affordable homes, to the private purchase and rental market.

Unitherm Heating Systems can provide modern sustainable and renewable heating technology which offers all of these stakeholders numerous options to provide cost and energy efficient solutions.

Self-contained units

  • Air to Water Heat Pumps
  • Exhaust Air Heat Pumps

Self Contained Units

An air to water heat pumps allows the apartments to be independent from each other for heating and hot water demand. The outdoor unit positioned on balcony takes heat from external air and produces heating and DHW for apartment.

  • Individual unit in each apartment
  • No metering required
  • Space required for external heat pump
  • Space required for internal unit
  • No requirement for external plant i.e. energy centre

Multi Network Systems

  • Solid energy industrial Air to Water Heat Pumps
  • HIU’s Pay – as – you – go metering systems
  • District heating Pipework systems

Solid Energy industrial Air to Water Heat Pumps

For network systems the traditional gas boiler plant room design can be replaced with an Solid Energy industrial heat pump. This offers the market a heat pump which has a  constant Flow temperature with variable Δt.

  • Custom build heat pump
  • Maintains design flow temp
  • Operating temperature of up 80°C
  • Operates efficiently with a system Δt between 20°C - 35°C
  • Maintains high efficiency while operating at high temperatures
  • Compact screw compressor designed for 24hr/day 365day/year
  • Hydrocarbon refrigeration based system with low GWP
Industrial Heat pump system
Heat Interface Unit (HIU)

Heat Interface Unit (HIU)

An Indirect heat interface unit (HIU) is a small unit that is mounted within the apartment that can provide both instantaneous domestic hot water and heating. A centralised plant room provides the heat energy to the HIU. The HIU also provides hydraulic separation from the primary circuit and the secondary heating circuit.

HIU’s have a robust mechanical design, integrated circulating pump, uncomplicated installation and simple maintenance. Space heating flow temperatures can be set via the mechanical thermostat to suit the heat emitter design.

Isoplus District Heating Pipework

Available in both plastic and steel. Pipe sizes are calculated using a diversity factor based on the Danish standard DS439. The correct sizing of these pipes will result in a more efficient system with fewer losses in the pipe work.

  • Constant foam density and thickness of PEHD-jacket pipe over total pipe length
  • High quality PUR-hard foam insulation - 100% free of freon, with cyclopentan as foaming agent, processed on modern machinery equipment.
  • Guarantees a permanent excellent insulation characteristic during the duration of application
Isoplus pipe