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Heat Pumps for Schools

Solutions: Educational Buildings

The Department of Education are involved with the Department of Environment, Climate and Communication and SEAI, testing and demonstrating energy efficiency and decarbonisation retrofit solutions. Known as the pathfinder programme, it's a great example of collaboration between design engineers and technology suppliers ensuring the deployment of new design approaches and technologies are introduced into the education buildings on an evidence based approach.

Unitherm Commercial are pleased to be involved in a number of these projects. Working with design engineers and mechanical contractors , we are supplying the latest and most enhanced commercial and industrial Air to Water Heat pump technologies. 

From our Bluebox range of commercial Heat pumps we can offer a diverse range of energy-efficient heating and DHW solutions complete with in-house system design. 

The Solid Energy custom built industrial Heat pumps with fixed flow temperatures of up to 80˚C and variable Δt's from 20 - 30˚C can help meet the demanding challenges to de-carbonize complete university campus.

Hitachi 24/32kW Split Heat pump

The Hitachi heat pump offers the perfect solution for education buildings entering into the green era. Capable of heating and hot water demands.

Capacities of 100kW using a cascade system to manage heating demand, balance running hours and start times and to synchronize defrosts.

LG Heating and Hot water demand

The LG Therma V high performance monobloc heat pump offers a good solution for smaller schools, extensions and retrofits. The system offers the flexibility to allow heating and hot water.

  • 100% performance even at -7oC ambient temperature. 
  • Max flow temperature 65oC
  • Revolutionary Vapor Injection Scroll Compressor
  • R32 refrigerant with low GWP
  • ErP rating of A+++

Bluebox Air to Water Commercial Heat Pumps 

With increased legislation on energy efficiency there is a growing need to find alternatives to high carbon oil and gas boiler systems. The Bluebox range of heat pumps meets these challenges for large primary and secondary schools. 

  • Max temperature 65oC
  • Ranging from 42kW - 204kW
  • Energy efficient performance: COP up to 3.5
  • Built specifically for larger applications 
  • Intelligent management of defrost cycles: Anti Ice Circuit

Solid Energy Industrial Heat Pumps - Decarbonisation of Educational Buildings

World class Danish engineering - Bespoke heat pumps specifically designed and manufactured for individual projects. The custom built industrial Heat pumps with fixed flow temperatures of up to 80˚C and variable Δt's from 20 - 30˚C can help meet the demanding challenges to de-carbonize complete university campus's. 

  • Custom build heat pump 
  • Maintains design flow temp 
  • Operating temperature of up to 80°C 
  • Operates efficiently with a system Δt between 20°C - 35°C
  • Maintains High efficiency while operating at high temperatures
  • Compact Screw compressor designed for 24hr/day 365day/year
  • Hydrocarbon refrigeration based system with low GWP

Frankische WRAS approved pipe work

WRAS approved pipe work for drinking water in schools and student accommodation needs to have approval from government body. 

  • Constantly permissible operating temperature of 95 °C at an operating pressure of 10 bar
  • Optimal flow rate due to the largest pipe inside diameters
  • Flexible combination with alpex crimp fittings and push-fit fittings
  • Safety in case of fire, (must have a fire classification cert for the pipe insulation.
  • Must be WRAS approved for hygiene, health and the environment.
  • Must comply to technical Guidance Document L of the Building regulations - insulation performance must demonstrate the maximum permissable heat loss per meter for the various temperature differences.