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Commercial Heat Pumps outside building


Unitherm Heating Systems’ Commercial Division, with its internal and external support teams, operates as a specialist heat pump supplier that aims to identify and implement the best heat pump solutions for both new-build and retrofit. It is now a market leader in the sector and partners with some of the world’s leading suppliers to bring cutting-edge technology to the marketplace.

As a division of Unitherm Heating Systems, Unitherm Commercial has been growing exponentially in the last few years. Unitherm Commercial was set up to cater for the fast-growing demand for commercial and industrial Air to Water Heat Pump systems while also offering an extended range of supplementary products.

The company’s vast experience with residential projects naturally progressed into working on commercial and industrial projects.

2021 saw the highest level of projects quoted and supplied. From Primary Care Centres to Rugby clubs and everything in between, the knowledge Unitherm commercial have in heating and hot water is unmatched. The growing commercial team provide our partners and customers with a range of technical support and compliance data for the application of our product range.

Our renewable heating solutions extend across various building types. We offer products fit for purpose for residential apartments, educational facilities (universities, colleges and schools), and healthcare buildings.

Unitherm Commercial is your number 1 choice for commercial and industrial renewable heating solutions.